the agency

Our Legacy

For a century we, at the Ryan Agency, have offered unmatched customer service at competitive rates. Our agency has survived a depression, multiple recessions and a world war because of our passion for the wellbeing of our clients. Through the many uncertainties in life, you can count on our commitment to you.

The Legacy Continues

John J. “Jack” Ryan was born in 1881 and raised in Charlestown, Massachusetts. After he and Margaret Dennis were married, they moved to Brighton. In 1922, Jack established what is now the John J. Ryan Insurance Agency on Washington Street. He became a respected businessman and played an active role in the Allston, Brighton and Greater Boston communities.

Jack passed away in early 1942. While Jack’s son, John J. “Bud” Ryan, served in World War II, Jack’s daughter, Elinor, ran the agency. Upon Bud’s return, he and El became partners in the agency – a partnership that spanned more than 50 years. When Bud and El retired, Jean Ryan, Bud’s daughter, and Mary Toomey assumed ownership of the agency. Jean remained an active partner until her untimely death in 2010 after a courageous battle with cancer. At that time, John J. “Jack” Ryan, Jr., Bud’s son and Jean’s brother, took Jean’s place at the agency. Mary Toomey retired in 2011. Jack continues the John J. Ryan Insurance Agency tradition of unmatched individual attention and personal service – a philosophy that has been passed down over 90 years.